Splitting Everyone Up

Today is the day.

Everyone was excited (except Lambie, who was nervous and came to stand by me).


Taktur was taken from his ladies, much to his horror, and went to join his gelding friends.


Note, BeAnne’s help.  Norty little shite-stirrer.


Anywho, they all cantered down the hill, pleased to see their friend.


Even the geriatrics, Iacs and Haakon managed to feign interest.  Since then, there has been squealing.  Taktur goes back and forth while he decides if he likes living with the geldings (sorry, no choice matey).


Next up, Daisy and I went over to Sandness to take Hjalti (plus Waffle and Silver) home.

Hetja shouted when she saw her son, Hjalti but, once we put him in the field, she was torn between keeping Efstur safe, while Efstur was determined to meet/play/munch on Hjalti.


All Efstur’s dreams had come true but Tante Hetja and Ma-Brá were strict. Hjalti was ostracised.

Edit (2 hours on):  Efstur and Hjalti are now the best of friends and playing wild games – perfect.


Last up, were Waffle and Silver who went into Camus/Tor and Brisk’s field.


Despite Tor’s pleas, Camus took absolutely no notice of his mother and quickly introduced himself to the newbies.  First, Waffle.


Then it was Silver’s turn.


Brisk was less confident and hid behind Tor.


But, all will be well.


I am sure!  This is what the little boys need.  Silver and Waffle will be kind and not despotic (unlike the Storm/Tids combo).


It may take a while for Tor and Brisk – strange to see her care about him but deep-down she feels he is her responsibility.  She is just not sure why.


Edit (2 hours on):  They are all miles away (dots on the horizon) eating together.  Perfect.


4 thoughts on “Splitting Everyone Up

  1. Mairead

    It must be such a relief for you to see friendships being formed, or renewed. Looks like this shuffle has worked out really well!

  2. Sam

    Lovely to see the Minion Magic at work in two fields. And nice to see Tor have a decent relationship with Brisk. But the best was BeAnne’s bum flying in the field!

  3. Jennifer Breese-Kauth

    They look great! I was suprised to see how much Silver’s color has changed. Will he eventually be white?


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