Visitors Always Welcome

We had some visitors to Thordale this morning.


Amongst them were two serious photographers.


So, I made the most of this and put down my camera for a change.


Yes, even I didn’t take any photos today – unheard of, I know.


After a mug of proper coffee and a good raid of the biscuit tin, I took them to meet Brisk and Camus.


Floss and I enjoyed watching them interact with the foals.


Camus was the most brave and showed everyone how he has given up his foal-nibbling habit and has become a nice member of society.


Brisk was quieter and just wanted to talk to his Mum (I just love this photo).


There was some foalio showing off, too (gallopy, gallopy, skip, skip, flying buck – look at me!)

DSC00120 (1)-1

Then off to see little Himself, Efstur, now a bit bigger.


Efstur is a very sociable chap and needs no convincing that friends are food.


He quickly introduced himself, let everyone see just how gorgeous he is.


At just about every stop-off point, BeAnne was eaten up with jealousy and made a point of turning all eyes back on her.  Whatever it took.


And don’t you forget it.


(the photographers were Jean Sinclair and Alys Jarden – thank you very much ladies for the photographic rest – much appreciated)

IMG_0182 IMG_0216 IMG_0124 IMG_0210

2 thoughts on “Visitors Always Welcome

  1. Terri

    Wonderful photos! It’s fun to see your surrounds and “family” from another photographer’s (or two) point of view.

  2. Sam

    So nice to see a picture of YOU! And BeAnne looks lovely in her snaps. But i am rather jealous that you need to wear a sweater as it is 95 degrees Farenheit in Connecticut.


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