Got Stuck

This is who greeted us this morning at 08.30 when we went to feed all the sheep, ponies, horses, etc.  Father and son, methinks.

Breakfast, BeAnne’s pills and potions, and then off to feed the Minions (while putting out fresh water for the Icelandic Ladies en route).

It was a glorious day as Floss and I noted while the car slid down the track to Leradale with the air of one that might not actually make it back up the track again.


Brakes?  What brakes? Those are for wimps!

Luckily, we saw our neighbours (who were trying to un-stuck their car at the top of the track), so while we completed our Minion chores, they put down salt and grit on the track.  I tried my best but my car got stuck half-way up their track!

But with three people behind (neighbours plus Floss), they pushed my car to the top of the hill where their car was also stuck.

And luckily, again, a few days ago OH had given me a tow rope for my car muttering “just in case and you never know”.

So I towed my neighbour’s car out for them to say thank you for pushing me up the hill!

From henceforth my car is not going down the track to Leradale. We will park at the top and lug.  It’s the only way.  Everyone has to be checked, fed and watered. We will manage.

Still, it was a beautiful day for it just very hard work!

Photos from my wee potter with BeAnne after lunch.


4 thoughts on “Got Stuck

  1. Sam

    Ice hiding under the snow is the WORST! Good thing OH was thinking ahead.
    And love how noble Tiddles’ profile is and how long he let us admire it in the video.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Wonderful pictures! Sorry you got stuck – hope your weather improves (although the scenery looked fabulous today!)

  3. Louise Whyte

    we are reduced to a brown slush mixture of melted snow and poo all over the yard. took me 2 hours to try to get the stables and yard done this morning. they all just stood there, feeding their faces, while i lugged hay everywhere and they then proceeded to produce more manure just to be helpful

  4. diane in northern wis

    Wow ….such alot of work when it’s snowy and icy. YIKES. And now you’ll be lugging things instead of driving. Hope the icy road conditions don’t last for very long. You surely are hard workers every day. Thank you for the beautiful pictures today too.


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