Beautiful Perfect Nature

There is something totally magical about the colour of duck’s feathers.

I am completely mesmorised by them.

In my opinion, they are perfect.

Anywho, it feels like it has been a long winter which is still taking it’s time to leave but the colour is coming back into the garden.

Our poor daffs have taken quite a battering recently and OH brings the survivors from the unceasing wind and rain into the house for their last gasp.  Some of them smell divine.

We’ve had some harsh weather recently and, although that is good for drying up the mud, it has left its mark with burned edges on the leaves.

I have noticed that it is getting warmer and today we hit double figures on the thermometer.

It was brief.  The horses are loving it, though, and beginning to leave the hay to look for the new grass shoots.  Always a good sign.

I am sure there will be a few false starts to Spring – this is what happens. I get lulled into a false sense of security and possibly even put my thermals away only to get them swiftly out again as it starts snowing in May.  It is not unusual, especially if it is lambing season.  It’s like the Gods know or something.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Perfect Nature

  1. Linda

    The colors on those feathers are SO beautiful! We’re having that stop-and-start to Spring also (Pacific Northwest, USA). But like your photos, in spite of up and down temperatures, we’re getting all kinds of buds on the trees, flowering cherry blossoms, and flowering (brave) Daffodils. Thank you Mother Earth!


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