This afternoon, Fiona introduced her family to Hreyfing.


It was blowing a bit with on/off rain.  We were all cold so we put everyone into the newly-cleaned stables.  Hreyfing was cold so we put a rug on her.


Hetja had come in too and wanted to take an interest.


I have been told that Fakur has not been very nice to her.  We will split them up from now on.  If he is going to be a berk, he can come back to mine and live with the lads.  I am very disappointed in his behaviour.  I thought he knew better.  Apparently, they are ganging up on poor Hreyfing.


Meanwhile, BeAnne kept herself entertained with the turkey (Mr Twizzler’s grandson).  She was hypnotised by him.


As the weather was so abominable, we decided not to ride Hetja or Fakur (I had brought over her saddle), but we would walk them all instead down the road and back.


Fiona long-reined her horse, while the others were lead.  This is probably the third time Esja (mushroom dun filly) has been led in her entire life.  It is all good practice.


We did not take Fakur due to him being an idiot.  He does have a streak that he keeps well hidden mostly.  Today it appeared.  Look – mad eyes.


The girls all walked well and enjoyed the work. I tagged along behind taking photos, of course.


Fiona went a little further at the end to have some time together with her horse.  They looked good.  She was busy learning the art of not knitting with long-reins!


Then back into the shed to untack, worm and to give time for Jo to shut the gate on the boys, thus separating them.  Fakur was not amused and rushed up and down the fence.


The girls were let out into the next door field in the hope they would all get together, which they didn’t.

L1060799 L1060801

I am going to take Fakur back to mine tomorrow.  Enough.  He is unsettling everyone and there is a little bit too much bottom-waving if you ask me.


And so we went indoors to cook the BBQ indoors because it was now pissing with rain.  The joys of a Shetland summer!


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