Birds of a Feather….

Simone from Switzerland is back.  We last saw her in 2007, as well as 2006, and she has popped by for a week’s holiday.  So, first things first, I took her to meet the new boys.  She was instantly drawn to ones with similar colouring.


Klængur recognised a kindred spirit and a new friend was made. Simone has two Icelandic horses of her own back in Switzerland so knows the language.


Another orange person made themselves known.

L1060875 L1060854 L1060878

The Hobbitses stayed on the sidelines waiting for their formal introduction.


I think Bozz-Bozz was hypnotised by Simone’s pigtail.  He probably thought it was a carrot!


Taktur was admired, of course and quickly fallen in love with.  Everyone was fascinated by Simone’s feather collection.

L1060832 L1060836

Haakon definitely remembered Simone.  She used to ride him and spent many hours improving his tölt for me.  He was very pleased to see her.  It was lovely to watch.  Few folk get a Haakon snuggle.


So, now Simone is well acquainted with my lot and I hope she enjoys her week here.


I think everyone will look after her and she knows the ropes, anyway.


Bozz-Bozz promised to be on his best behaviour.  He said so.  This is his Sunday face. I hope Simone is not taken in.




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