A New Arrival

This is Hreyfing frá Holtsmúla 1 (IS1998286688 – BLUP 100), a 15yo black Icelandic mare.  She came off the boat this morning (I shamelessly stole these photos off Facebook from her new owner as I was fast asleep at the time of delivery).

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It was a very long journey for Hreyfing – she left the Midlands on Wednesday morning, stopping in Kelso for Thursday night, then driven up to Aberdeen the next morning and on the boat that evening.  She got into Lerwick at 07.30 (Zzzzzz…..!)  Poor thing was in a bit of a state.  She was shaking when they found her.


Jo drove her to Millhaugh (where her herd reside) and Fiona collected me en route too.  Hreyfing is Fi’s first horse, ever.  This is a momentous moment which we all understand.  Jo and I both had our first horse when we were adults.   None of us had our own ponies as children, just begged or borrowed ones.



Hreyfing has chronic sweetitch.  She was imported from Iceland, lived in Wales and England and now has come to Shetland.  We don’t have sweetitch here.  The wind does not stay still long enough for the midges to settle, let alone bite.


So, we checked Hreyfing for lumps and bumps.  Jo put some Sudocream on any open bites/rubbed bits and Fi let her go and meet the others. She quickly spied the herd and off she sped.


A quick introduction and then the important bit…




More introductions (Fakur was a bit shocked at a glimpse of leg!) ….

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A lovely roll to work out those knots from travelling – I love her blissed out face!


A quick leg-stretch….


and she is quickly one of the gang.


We all watched on the sidelines, remarking how nice it was that Icelandic introductions are relatively simple.


I hope Hreyfing is going to be happy in her new home.  Many congratulations to Fi on her first horse.  It is up there as one of the best days in your life, in my opinion.


I think they are going to be very happy together ♥ ♥ ♥


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  1. Gundula

    Congratulations, Fiona! And lots of joy together! and hurray for Shetland – the current “icey hotspot” in the UK.


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