To the New Field

This morning, first thing, my troops gathered.  Armed with headcollars, ropes and a bag of carrots, we left our cars and marched up to the hill park where the Minions (plus Lilja and Sóley, or token Minions as they have now become) have been living this past month.  It is not the nicest of fields, with little shelter but it did the job fine and the herd look better for it (though I did feel bad leaving them there in the last storm).

Anywho, no grudges held, and at least they all came cantering enthusiastically to me when I called.

Everyone knew who was leading who – we had paired them all carefully – and this time it worked much better.

I was at the front with Storm and Waffle, who insisted on jogging racehorse like (and irritatingly) all the way.

And after a pretty uneventful walk to their new field, we released the Minions back “into their habitat”.

Some had lead nicer than others *** cough Lilja has forgotten everything and now needs a refresher course on manners ***.

But there were smiley faces all round.

Happy little ponies.

Ok, it’s not the biggest of fields but it will do for a few weeks and then they will be on the move again!

Anyway, the troops were brilliant and without them I would still be walking up and down the road leading ponies!  A huge thank you from me.

2 thoughts on “To the New Field

  1. diane in northern wis

    How great to see that you had so much help moving everybody into the new field. Lilja must be getting absent minded huh? I thought she would be one of your best-behaved ones. Well, anyway they are all moved for a few weeks. The field looks lush!


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