Wonderful Neighbours

Last night the weather forecast looked bad.  Lots of rain coming.  Lots.

So I opened up the stable and brought the old men (Haakon and Iacs) up to have free access to the stable if they wanted plus all the grass around the house that needed eating.  I also messaged my neighbour with a potential plan to bring Vitamin home if I found her the next morning shaking with cold. My van is at the garage and she has a horsebox.

This morning, I woke early (4 a.m.) with worry about Vitamin and the rain had arrived.

So I messaged my neighbour who brought her horsebox, daughter to help and husband to drive and we went to the Minion field and found them all shaking.  So we took the three worst – Vitamin, Newt and Tiddles home (and, yes, I told Fivla she would’ve been coming home but that ship had sailed when she ripped up Vitamin’s rug yesterday).

The Old Men were still in their stable and the little ones made their acquaintance.


I brought buckets for them. Haakon and Iacs had had their’s earlier and of course had forgotten and instantly felt hard done by.

Haynets all round.

Extra string on the gate.  Haakon and Iacs couldn’t decide if they liked or hated their new neighbours.

When the worst of the rain had gone, I put the little ones out into a small grassy paddock.

I opened up the shelter too and made a point of showing Vitamin.  One of the reasons I chose Tiddles and Newt as companions was that I knew none of them would hog the shed or get in Vitamin’s way if she wanted to go inside.

The weather cleared up fairly quickly but while it was lashing down, I felt very sorry for everyone.  A huge thank you to my neighbours who gave up their Sunday morning to work tirelessly for my ponies.

4 thoughts on “Wonderful Neighbours

  1. Judith Garbutt

    It’s a bit unbelievable to have shivering ponies in the middle of July. I hope you get some summer weather soon, Frances, or you’re going to have a really difficult winter. We’ve had a bit of rain down here today, but nowhere near enough. The stream in my pony’s field was completely dried up yesterday. It’s been low before but never without even a trickle. Bizarre weather!

  2. diane in northern wis

    Aww that’s what I call great neighbors! and I love your beautiful heart, Frances, always caring so much about your critters and how the weather is affecting them. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Sam

    Everyone should have neighbors such as these! Sorry the Minons were shivering.
    Love the size difference between them and the Old Gents.


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