How is Hjalti?

So, how is Hjalti, (pronounced He-yalti), I hear you ask?


He is doing well and is now ginormous (that is an official equine term, by the way).


I am not small (5′ 8 1/2″ tall), and Hetja (pronounced Het-ya) is a fair size too (about 14hh), so you can see just how large Hjalti is.


I gave Hetja a good brush of her mane and tail.  She deserved it and I keep meaning to do it every time I visit her but obviously forget to bring the kit with me. Henceforth, I am going to keep the Beauty Box in the car so I can spring out at any given time to brush my horses or ponies!

BN2A3386 BN2A3402

While I was brushing, Hjalti was intrigued.  He refused to talk to me but examined his Mum’s discarded mane with great interest.


Flossie was then investigated. She has got used to this – it is her role in life at the moment.  She agreed with me that Hjalti’s little nose is made of the softest material ever.  It probably has magical properties too.


Reluctantly we left them, having achieved our aim – to bring beauty to the herd.

BN2A3410 BN2A3338

When we got home, Lambie and Lambert took up residence in the car.  It is not quite the same now.

(This is for Daisy – she didn’t believe me!)


4 thoughts on “How is Hjalti?

  1. Linda

    Wow! He’s really grown hasn’t he? And nice job with Hetja – she looks beautiful, and I bet that feels much better, getting the extra hair out of the way.

    What a funny thing, seeing the two lambies huddled in the car! (they must have missed you while you were gone…)


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