Riding and Walking

Lots done today.

Floss and I went for a ride.  This time it was different – Floss rode Haakon while I rode Klaengur.

Floss wanted to experience speed.


And so she did.  Haakon looked after Floss very well but he has his own opinions. This was a good thing because she actually had to have some input.  She described him as “not easy, but it was fun.  You get somewhere”.

(This is Haakon’s dinosaur face as Klaengur is in front and he hates that).


But we went for a spin down the road and back again – it was educational for everyone.


After lunch, we went out for our daily “dog” walk.  I decided we should take a couple of Minions with us.  Floss led Silver.


And I led Tiddles.  Storm was with Taktur being a Big Boy that has to eat, while Waffle was in everyone’s bad books for chasing Lambie.  He was in a bad mood as he wanted to join Storm to stuff his face but I wouldn’t let him because he is so very fat.  So Waffle took it out on Lambie, got his arse kicked for his troubles and returned swiftly to his field.


Off we went.  Loki was over the horizon trying to disown us and the intrepid Lambie was therefore leading. Lambert was the tail end Charlie and, in the end, Lambie stopped to eat a thistle and stayed with him.


Silver and Floss went on ahead.


And Tiddles went very very slowly, grinding to a halt at the slightest opportunity!


But it was a good thing to show the boys The World.  They met a car, an oil tanker lorry and generally behaved as best they could (we may have to work on their leading skills in the future – a winter project, methinks).

4 thoughts on “Riding and Walking

  1. Cass

    I remember you got Tiddles because he has different colored eyes. Is there any health problem related to that, or is it related to breed standards or the difficulty of selling such a pony? He’s such a dear.

    1. Frances Post author

      No health problems at all related to a blue eye. It is just ignorant prejudice in the Shetland pony world that makes him unsellable or put-downable.

      And, yes, he is an absolute darling.


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