Danilon Sarnies

My darling Klængur came hopping in on three legs.  Now this I do not need. Not another one.  Is there something in the water?  I had him immediately checked out and was told it is the Waiting Game and painkillers.


Nursing duties were assigned to Iacs (short for I Am Completely Stupid) who was very happy to oblige.  We are keeping them both together around the house where there is plenty grass and shelter.  I can keep my eye on Klængur better too.


Today, after 3 days of painkillers, Klængur is walking better and is more enthusiastic about life.


I make him a Danilon sandwich everyday which he happily munches oblivious of the drugs unlike others *** cough *** Haakon *** cough *** who can search out and promptly refuse to eat anything that has a hint of having a “funny” taste.


Iacs is feeling hard done by and follows me ever hopeful there is something with his name on it too.  I gave him an apple for his troubles as he is a tad wide.


And then to amuse myself I took photos of his silly frilly in the wind!

Look – flat…..


Next minute – frilled!  Mwahahaha!


So nothing has appeared yet.  Klængur’s foot is not hot, inflamed or anything, just hoppity.  He has stopped snatching it back so that is a good sign.


It could be anything.  They play such huge games in the field, he could’ve wrenched something.  A few month’s time, when she is shoeing him, Jo will say “there you are, that is why” and point to a hole.  We will find out but there is nothing we can do but wait and feed him Danilon sarnies while he is sore.


He has his friends around.  Just no playing at the moment.


He has to take it easy.  Doctors orders.


More healing vibes please.

5 thoughts on “Danilon Sarnies

  1. Trish

    Oh Dear! When I saw the title of today’s blog I thought that Danilon was another one of your ponies and you were going to be writing about Princess Ann’s horse eating comments today!
    Glad to hear that no horsey friends are being consumed on Shetland!


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