Hopefully Making Bebbies

Taktur is looking superb.  He is prancing about impressing his two Lady-Girls.

A few days back, one of the girls walloped Taktur rather visciously in his bits resulting in some nasty swelling.  When we discovered this horror, we immediately took Taktur away from his mares to assess the situation.  We decided on some cold hosing to reduce the inflammation plus a few days on Danilon (anti-inflammatory analgesia) but this resulted in the mares shouting for their Handsome Prince while he went beserk trying to get to back them.  So the general consensus was to leave Taktur with his mares, and with “gentle exercise” everything would get back to normal on its own – and it has.  Phew.

Taktur is still a sweetie but we try not to interfere too much.  He gets a crunchy-munchy after I syringe his drugs down him.

The Lady-Girls are very “come hither” now.

It is all a bit Game of Thrones at the moment – especially when they reverse towards Taktur!

I think Taktur has moments when he realises life with his male friends was somewhat less stressful.

This is a real case of “be careful what you wish for!”

And then we noticed this strange behaviour.  Why is Taktur obsessed with sniffing Hetja’s feet?  She kept lifting them up for him.

I have written in the diary the relevant dates and now we hopefully wait for 330 – 345 days for the forthcoming bebbies.

4 thoughts on “Hopefully Making Bebbies

  1. Terri

    In any case, perfect weather for making bebbies! (or for going on a walk, having a picnic, or relaxing in the sun)


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