The Hat

It is hot, it is nearly summer (not quite yet) and so I wear a hat because I am very pale skinned and burn in any sunshine.  I always have and have been sunburnt enough in my youth to realise this.  Hence the hat, the very important hat, nay (neigh), my essential hat.

So Lilja stole the hat off the top of my head.

Lilja had it and Tiddles wanted it.

Newt decided he wanted to have a go.

Storm’s found a whole new potential.

Albie had a shot.

Then Tiddles got the hat and now Lilja wanted it.

Tiddles was teasing Lilja.

So Lilja took back the hat.

Tiddles returned to have more fun with my poor hat.

My hat was doomed. It was never going to be the same.

Albie returned for another quick murder.

Lilja was obssessed.

Waffle joined in.

Everyone except for one Minion – Silver – wanted to play.  He was busy behaving and being beautiful.

Did I mind?  Nah.  I luffs my silly little boys (and Lilja who started it all).

(Fivla and Vitamin weren’t at all interested – they are too grown up for that and possibly snoozing).

My hat may not be the same again!




3 thoughts on “The Hat

  1. Terri

    Oh dear, too much sun, you definitely need a hat. Of course they loved yours, it has Muzzah-scent! They are so FUNNY!

  2. diane in northern wis

    Oh oh, Frances, you’re looking pretty sunburned in that pic with Lilja. Better get another hat and soon. Loved seeing all your buddies, mauling your poor hat. take care.


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