Honey, I’m Home!

I was admitted to my hospital room first thing Monday morning (forgive the photography, I was shaking with fear).  This is my room with a lovely view of the River Clyde.  There was an accompanying soundtrack from Glasgow airport – a stone’s throw away.


The surgeon visited to write his name on my leg along with some other hieroglyphics.


Theatre was actually not that bad. I had no pre-med and a very nice man held my hand while I went to sleep.  I remember my last words were “please God let everything go alright” and off I snoozed to wake up to this….

(before you ask, no that is not nail varnish on my big toe but a bruise from where I had stubbed it a few weeks back)


The pain was beyond excruciating and no analgesia made any difference.  The night was very long and miserable so the Pain Team gave me morphine which helped hugely.  I slept most of the next day and everyone avoided me.


Another plaster cast but this time it was a full one as opposed to the previous back slab.  They then cut it both sides for the flight as thems are the airline rules.  I am held together with velcro.


With muchos morphine, I flew home to my bed.  Everyone involved was wonderful, caring and helpful.  There was a very happy face waiting for me, smiling and squeaking with happiness.


She took up her position and has not left the bed since.


Sometimes Loki comes up to see me, much to BeAnne’s rage.  She doesn’t really do sharing.  Loki only appears when there is food potential.  Wuss made a brief appearance and it was lovely to see him, if briefly.

IMG_0178 IMG_0185

So this is me stuck for 6 weeks with brief excursions to the bathroom.  I managed to wash my hair today. It was bliss.

A huge thank you to Floss for her wonderful Blog writing.  Bless her, she did very well and I will tell you about her riding experiences tomorrow.  I am so proud of all her efforts and she makes a great companion.

Not a fair-weather friend, like Loki!


3 thoughts on “Honey, I’m Home!

  1. Cate

    Glad to hear you are doing so well, and yes, your daughter did a wonderful job of keeping up the blog in your absence, entertaining us all in fine style! Best wishes for a rapid return to riding. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    But Loki is so lovely!

    Glad you home and praying that you heal quickly and without much pain. It’s wonderful to have you back, even though Floss did a fine job.


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