Today was the day that Mum was due back from the hospital, so Richard was busy all morning getting the house ready for her, particularly her bedroom.


He even put out flowers from the garden.


The washing station is ready.


And the fork biscuits are primed – mainly because I was too late to help tidy up and wanted something to do.


One of them fell on the floor, but I won’t tell anyone which one, even though Richard would happily eat it anyway.


Wuss is still in his modelling phase. Honestly, if I made these black and white, they could be from a ‘male fragrance’ advert, don’t you think?


Noir, a new fragrance for him, by Wu.

Loki is also practising his depressed and abused face.


Mum arrived late afternoon with Jo, and proceeded to make her way upstairs as I held BeAnne in a neck lock, in case she got underfoot and tripped her up. Needless to say she was positively beside herself with Mummy back.


Loki even ventured upstairs and did his best to get Mum’s attention too. We decided to remove BeAnne’s lampshade a day early, as her stitches are coming out tomorrow.

The collar isn’t really in the best state after over a week of BeAnne scratching it on every available surface.


I kind of miss it on her. She looks rather odd without it now.

And here is the result of Mum’s trip. They decided just yesterday that they wanted to put a full cast on it, but waited until this morning to see if Flybe would let her on the plane with it.


I don’t think BeAnne is planning on leaving the bed anytime soon. She is currently plastered to Mum’s side.


So glad Mum’s back. It certainly hasn’t been the same without her.


2 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. Heather

    So a biscuit fell on the floor – with the number of hairy residents I am sure your Mum and Richard are not the type of people that worry about the odd animal hair!

    My house animals tend to be pains when you are ill in bed as they keep coming and sticking their noses in your ear to check you are still ok.

  2. Sam

    Let’s see here…GQ is Wussums. Cooking Mag for the bisquits. Comics for Loki’s face. Love Story for BeAnne’s joy. Happy ending for Mum’s return! My step-dad had a cat, Badfinger, who stopped eating the 10 days he was in the hospital for heart surgery. Never thought I would see a 15 lb. cat drool and quiver with happiness at seeing his dad! Much like BeAnne!


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