Riding and War

Floss has really taken to this riding thing.  She had a lesson from Jo yesterday in the indoor school.  I think walk and rising trot were involved.

DSC00878 DSC00891 DSC00890 DSC00880

with perhaps some steering too.  All good and now I have to look for jodphurs, a hat and some boots for Floss, if she wants to continue.   They went out for a ride too and Mr Bimble didn’t have another independent thought again.  He tried it once and didn’t like it!  Far too much energy involved so they pottered along together happily at the back.


Now I need to find Flossie a horse.  I am sure I can find one lying around doing nothing!


While Floss was having her lesson, everyone came in.

DSC00874 DSC00875

I love Klængur’s guilty face as he stands surrounded by debris of his fidgeting.  He was not popular for shitting on the broom either.


Meanwhile Dog Wars has commenced.  There has been a nervous truce about my bed and neither Loki nor BeAnne will back down.


Apparently there was a dog fight at the end of the walk, according to OH.  This is not good.  Jo had taken out BeAnne’s stitches a few hours before, as requested by the vet.  The wound looked clean and dry.  After the fight, it was open and BeAnne also has two cuts above her eye.  Luckily, I have a staple gun for just these occasions so I managed to pop one staple in, took a photo and sent it to them that know.


Poor BeAnne was very miserable – her teeth were chattering so I brushed her while we waited for our second opinion to arrive.  Beauty at all times.

IMG_0187 IMG_0189

It was decided that another staple would be beneficial and we managed to examine her thoroughly too for more damage.  I also gave her a slug of Rescue Remedy.  She was more offended by that than the stapling.


My poor baby.  Everyone is furious at Loki.  He knows this and will not be allowed upstairs for a while.  To be fair, though, this has been rumbling on for a while and BeAnne does not help by growling and making rude faces when Loki asks to jump on the bed.

Bloomin’ hell.  Why does everyone want stitches?  We don’t all have to match.


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