On Boat Now

Ted and I were up and out by sunrise (07:15) and up on the hills behind the house. It was beautiful – ruddy freezing though, but beautiful. We were the only ones there.

A good English breakfast ,packing and then back on the road for us.  Ted had one of my sausages for sitting nicely while I ate.

Many hours later, a quick stop off at Tesco, Dundee for my supper, I took Ted for a long walk in Duthie Park, Aberdeen. I gave him an early supper, more walking and we have just got in the boat.

Ted has a nice big kennel, two beds (his pink one and a blanket too), a little food with his anti anxiety drugs and water. I am in bed in my cabin with a cup of tea.  I must admit I am very stressed. Hopefully the tea will do the trick. Still, I’ve done it! I’m nearly home.


14 thoughts on “On Boat Now

  1. jacqueline slavich

    Loving joining you and Ted on the drive north. What an emotional time you’ve been having and it won’t be over yet. Once you get home, please be gentle with yourself as speaking from experience, this is where you get to feel safe again and finally let your guard down and it all becomes too much. I’m not meaning to sound negative but this always happens to me when the pressure that has built up, is finally off. Your girls and OH are there to support you so let them. This is your healing time. Go well.

  2. Linda

    Interesting scenery, Frances. (I’m in the US, so maybe you’re finally at home as I write this?)
    Safe traveling, and you’ll be with your family soon…

  3. Mary Colleen McNamara

    It is thanksgiving day on this side of the pond. My favorite holiday ( not for the food) for what it means.
    You need to let the stress drop off of you. You did a great job of taking care of family both hooman and little furry Ted. So glad you will soon be back in your home with all family, feathered, furred and of course the sapiens too. Sending you warmest wishes.
    Hope you are in Shetland for the holidays, other things can wait, all in good time.

  4. Judith Garbutt

    I hope you have a smooth crossing and a decent night’s sleep. And I hope Pepper is thrilled to have a new friend. I’m not sure if Monster will be too delighted – another one of those pesky dogs to keep in order! xx

  5. Kathleen Woolley

    Well done both of you ! You are one brave lady. Didn’t Teddy do well, your Mother taught him how to behave. He has had such an adventure, Motorways, hotels, pubs and now boats. What tales he could tell of his journey. Now he starts another. I do hope your Mum is watching. They were great companions and must have loved each other so much. I am so glad you are home X

  6. Robyn

    Dear little Ted. You are doing so well Frances and you will soon be in your beloved Shetland. Hope the seas are not too rough. A wonderful reunion awaits you and we are all cheering you on. xx

  7. diane in northern wis

    Great pics! So glad you’re on the boat now, Frances….slowly making your way to Blessed Home!
    Hope your stress level gets less and less as you get closer to the end of your journey. God bless you.

  8. Jayne

    I just had a look at the Northlink website. Fingers crossed M.V Hjaltland will dock in about an hour and you will soon be home safe. Thank goodness you did not leave it a day later given the forecast for gales.

    I hope you and Ted have had an uneventuful crossing. Exactly as Jacqueline said, you’re going to crash now . . . do take care, all your internet friends will be thinking of you and I hope that blogging during this time has been helpful and cathartic.

  9. Louise Stopford

    You are one very brave lady Frances with all that you have gone through and your long journey with Ted back to Shetland. Can’t wait for the next post that says you are both home safe and sound. Thinking of you during these stressful times. I think a large gin and tonic with your family by the fire in your own home should be on the cards for you. In fact make it a few G&T’s!!!

  10. Sam

    Lovely place to walk Teddy. Hope the ferry was a smooth ride and that you are safely home. And be kind to yourself the next few days. You have a lot to process.


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