Home at last!

First thing, we drove like the clappers to Lerwick  to collect Bibble off the freight boat.

He was very good and I had to lead him past every piece of plant while he watched the lorries unload the rest of the freight.

My main aim was to get Bibble home as soon and as safely as we could.  Normality could be resumed at home.

Of course everyone was miles away, pressed up against the furthest fence in total silence.  Bibble and I were calling for them. Every time I shouted “Haakon, Kolka”, Bibble would join in neighing very loudly.  Eventually Kolka appeared at the top of the hill and cantered happily over.

Eventually Haakon put in an appearance too.

I think this is Haakon telling Iacs off for a) being away so long, b) smelling different and c) copping a cheeky sniff of Kolka!

There was a bit of a conversation between these two.

And then Bibble had a lovely roll to get the herd smell back on himself.

Bibble has done so well and I can’t tell you just how relieved we are to have him home now.  Yes, he is a bit bargey and rude, almost angry, now but I think the best thing is to leave him for Haakon to sort out.

Time will change Bibble back into his original Bibbly self. He was very agitated when he arrived home. I’ve never seen him like this.

One small problem, Bibble hates his hard feed, with essential added drugs (antibiotics and painkillers), but I am more worried he will colic so I have been making him buckets of cool mint tea, which luckily he drinks.  He did a massive fart, so I am hopeful he will have not averse after-effects from his adventures.

Oh, the worry!

11 thoughts on “Home at last!

  1. Nicki

    Fabulous to see. Welcome home Iacs. We’re as relieved as you all to see him home and settling back in to his herd. Wonderful photos have definitely put a smile on my face too. Xx

  2. Simone

    Does Bimble like soft food? If yes, maybe you could try soaking the hard feed – either in warm water or tea ? At least my old Vestri likes that, especially with a little honey or oil, and he will kindly deign to eat the evil-smelling med food…
    all fingers crossed. Welcome home, Mr. Bimble silly frilly!

      1. Simone

        Silly frilly. But it’s great to hear he’s on the mend and looking good. Now you can catch up on your sleep! <3

  3. Judith Garbutt

    The feeding might get easier over the next few days – it’s possible he was just desperate to eat grass again. Fingers crossed for him (and for your peace of mind!).

    1. Frances Post author

      That’s what I’m hoping. I messaged the vet and she said he had had 3 days’ worth of a/b’s so not to worry too much. The fact he is eating grass and chilling is better than angst and involvement at the moment. He really needs to relax and realise he’s going nowhere and he is with his friends.


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