Good Form

Yesterday it felt like I did nothing but go and check Bibble.  I walked miles around his field and I took this photo last thing before I went to bed.

Yes, he was fine.

And looking pretty good.  So majestic.

This morning I found an almost-back-to-normal-in-himself Bibble happily eating his breakfast food.  A pink bucket means it has something different.  Yes, I colour code, so shoot me.  It makes my life easier.

He’s (all my fingers and toes are crossed) doing very well – very cuddly and sweet again.

The Minions are also on good form.

They have a complicated life which consists of me alternating between feeling guilty for them and then thinking they are too fat.  They have to live 12 hours with soaked hay only plus another 7 hours on the eaten-down-to-nothing track and spend only 5 hours on the almost eaten-down-to-nothing track.

Them’s the breaks.

I sat with the little boys this afternoon.  Pepper, of course, came too.

A small point of interest, I have plants taller than Newt!

And I love this photo.  Good friends together.

6 thoughts on “Good Form

  1. Sam

    So happy he is home and doing well. If I had that many horse buckets to fill and lug about, they would ALL be color coded. Nice to see Newt in the field.


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