Oh, the Worry

I’m not going to lie, my anxiety is at out-of-this-world levels.  Iacs is on the boat, as I type, and sailing home tonight, arriving tomorrow at 8 am.

His operation was successful, in as much as they got him to let down, did laser surgery and removed 13 tumours (yes, 13).  Then Iacs had localised chemotherapy as well so the best has been done for him.

Iacs came out of all of this operation very well until he had an episode of colic yesterday.  Anxiety ↑↑↑ 💣.  I was pacing around the house, feeling sick with worry but knowing he was in the best hands and place.  Daisy drove over 300 miles to give him a hug yesterday, which was lovely – sniff.  I am sure he was thrilled to see her.

Today has been better and the vets have prepared Iacs for his long journey home (naso-gastric fluids and electrolytes just before his trip).  I have the freight boat crew giving him sloppy feeds through the night while I climb the walls with worry.  Every time the phone rings, I want to throw up or cry.  Daisy and I have spent the day in our separate locations trying to keep busy. I believe Daisy even did housework!

I will collect Iacs from the docks tomorrow morning and I know everyone will be thrilled to see him home.

Meanwhile, Haakon has no forelock.

While Kolka has her’s.

And Mr Ducky has managed to get back in with Mrs Ducky #1 and her ducklings. I don’t know how he manages this but he has but all appears calm and far less fraught.

I am quietly hopeful things will remain like this but they are all under constant surveillance.

I will be happy once Iacs is home. Daisy and I can breathe out then but not before.

9 thoughts on “Oh, the Worry

  1. Celeste Nossiter

    I’m very glad to hear that the surgery and treatment were successful but sorry he got colic. Sending warm, healing wishes to you both for the best possible outcome. I’m sure he will be as glad to be back home as you will be to have him with you once again. Daisy was an absolute hero to drive so far to give him extra love and I’m sure that will help with his healing process.

  2. Judith

    Asking anybody who might help to have a word with God – St Francis, St Christopher, St Luke – getting them all on board (pardon the pun). xx

  3. Suzanne Kelly

    Wishing you well, glad he came through his op, and hopefully colic will pass asap.

    Hope you are taking care of yourself.

  4. Kathy Shook

    Can’t wait until Iacs gets home. So happy he made it through, and praying no more colic. Once home with his family he will be so happy and recover quickly. Daisy was over the top to travel so far! Hoping once he is home some of you worries will go away.

    Mr. Ducky is something else. Glad that seems to be doing okay.

  5. Judith Garbutt

    Always so difficult when they’re ill but so much worse when the care is out of your control. Fingers crossed for a calm crossing and that you can get some rest once he’s back with you. Daisy was a star!

  6. Kathleen Woolley

    What a wonderful daughter. It’s what we do and he must have been so relieved to see her. Bless her.
    Such a caring girl….you brought her up right ❤️


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