Home Again, Home Again!

I’m home …… and breathe…..

Almost everyone was pleased to see me again.

BeAnne enjoyed a small sulk as she could smell Teddy (Mum’s dog) on my clothes.  She kept coming back into the room to check that I was still here and then going off again to sit outside to enjoy her sulk.  I was quickly reminded that all is not plain-sailing with Her Maj as she went all “pale and interesting” over her breakfast.  We had a little game of bally-ball later and that cheered her up.  She ate her tea so maybe I am forgiven.

Lambie pretended he didn’t know who I was – twit.

The pea that is his brain eventually kicked in – he said a nice hello and let me tickle him.

Luckily Missy was my best friend.  She is still enchanting and the black spots on her ears are even more noticeable now.

The old men came up the hill for a carrot.  They looked very well.

I was also duly frisked and investigated.

So that’s me happily home, feeling relieved the driving ordeal is over.  Now to try and rescue my old car and get that back too.

6 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again!

  1. Sam

    Always good to be home after traveling. Even if our critters sniff us with utter disdain while craving a cuddle at the same time. Good luck with the car rescue.

  2. Linda

    How good to be home again! Glad to see you made it safe and sound…
    Maybe BeAnn’s attitude when you got home is a dog thing: we left our dog for 3-4 days with friends, and when we got back, he sniffed us then ran away. We had to get him back from the dog shelter. I think they must feel “betrayed” or something.

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, I now appear to have two cars. One in England (broken) and one with me in Shetland (my mother’s). My plan is to get the broken one back up here, mended by my garage and then Daisy can have it, once deemed safe. She could do with a car. Well, that’s the plan!

  3. diane in northern wis

    So very glad you made it back safely, Frances. Whew. Glad everybody noticed you were back! Well…sort of.


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