The Boat Home

A lovely stay at Tebay and, after a hearty breakfast, onwards this morning. I filled myself up and then my new-to-me car (Mum’s Honda Jazz -semi-automatic (get me!)) as well and off we set, ever northwards.

The  weather was a bit better, which made a huge difference, and I made good time, stopping briefly at Tesco, Dundee for boat provisions.

And then, as I was driving into Aberdeen, the best sight ever greeted me and I knew I was nearly home.

I had a bit of wait, as I had arrived quite early. Better too early than too late. I was also too tired to shop and too scared to leave my front place in the car queue.

I am safely onboard now and in my cabin. I shall make myself two huge mugs of tea, have my supper and go to bed. Tomorrow I will see my BeAnne.


3 thoughts on “The Boat Home

  1. Sam

    Glad Mum’s car has gotten you safely to the ferry. And watching BeAnne “attack” the broom is quite a giggle.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Yea…..glad you’re making your way back home. Now on the ship and enjoying some tea too.
    Can’t wait to see you get safely home and visiting all your dear critters there. Looks like your Mum’s car did the trick for you.


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