Pleased to See Me!

A friend and I climbed up the hill to check on the Minions.  I shouted so they came running over to us.

There is something infinitely pleasing about horses and ponies galloping happily towards me.  My heart smiles. I feel loved.

I haven’t seen the chaps in this field as we have never used it before for them.  It is quite a slog into the hill but a good field, none the less.

But the Minions are not very impressed to be honest. I think they miss the constant trudge of people going past their field. They do like to chat and/or beg.  I know they set their tummy-clocks by the school children.

But it is a useful field for this time of year and it will do them good.

They have a splendid view, too!

Obviously, I caught up on my kisses.  I have missed these little chaps so much.

The girls are looking good, too.  A bit feral but perfectly happy being horses.

Newt was a little aloof to start with.  The world needs loofs!

But we had a chat and all was fine.

Some tried to follow us home.

And I think I am going to do something a bit better with the gate.  I see Storm thinks it is a challenge!

2 thoughts on “Pleased to See Me!

  1. Sam

    I think Newt was writing volumes about you in his Giant Book of Revenge for denying him the snacks from the kids. And Storm must have been an escape artist in another life…


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