Hjalti’s Heducation

Hjalti and Daisy are doing brilliantly.  Daisy is gently teaching this youngster how to walk around the school while learning to listen to her aids and then respond appropriately.  Daisy is focussed, Hjalti is listening and then he learns or remembers what is required.

There was a slight blip last training session about putting a bit in but going over and over this again and again with Daisy and a little bit of carrot, Hjalti now just accepts it perfectly with no evasion.

Best of all, Hjalti loves the praise and attention that goes with his success.  He is a clever little horse who enjoys his training.  We are always keeping it simple and setting him up to succeed so through positive encouragement, he will learn all the good bits about being ridden.

Meanwhile, it has not been a very good day for Haakon today.  He is much stiffer than yesterday.  I have been told I should expect highs and lows so am trying to put it down to that.

My poor boy has been lying down a lot.

And indoors, Monster has recovered and is back to his “normal” little self – but I use the term normal on his terms and not mine.  That cat is not normal at all but he is our cat and so he fits right in.

8 thoughts on “Hjalti’s Heducation

  1. Sam

    Sorry to hear this is a low day for Haakon. As for Monster – normal is for sissies.
    So nice to see the young lad working well with Daisy.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Poor Haakon – and poor you, wanting to make him better but knowing you can’t do more than you’re doing. Maybe ask your vet about increasing the pain killers for a few days. Daisy is doing a fab job!

  3. Lisa

    Hjalti looks fabulous! He is so cute when he keeps checking on what is expected of him…stopping at the open door to see if that is the way he should go…stopping to see if that is ok….and then responding so nicely when he is shown what he is to do. Well done, Daisy!

    What about joining some laminitis groups on FB? Maybe there would be some support and new info there?

  4. Terri

    So sorry to hear that Haakon had a down day. Such a mystery. Hoping he will rally soon. Wonderful to hear Monster is back to HIS “normal”! I’m especially happy that he and BeAnne seem to get along well. And thanks for reporting on Daisy’s continued progress with Hjalti — he isn’t a fairytale horse, so a blip in training now and then is to be expected. She knows just what to do — you must be very proud of both your daughters! Healing vibes for Haakon still being sent from Across the Pond….

  5. diane in northern wis

    So sorry to hear about Haakon today, Frances. Hope things will get better for him before too long. Glad that Monster is back on track again…and gosh, Hjalti is doing so well, with his patient and intelligent teacher! So much to enjoy about your blogs…now if every creature can get well and stay well. Praying for that.

  6. Lucy MacArthur

    This isnt a criticism – I am relatively new to the concept – but have you thought of trying bitless?

    There is loads of info on the FB Bitless Believers’ website and elsewhere.

    Having been introduced to the idea and riding bitless for several years (until my accident last year, which would have happened with a bit – and has done in the past – I am a convert!

    1. Frances Post author

      No, he is young. He is fine with the bit in. It is just the concept of putting one in that he had to think about. Unless he is in pain from the bit or for health reasons, then we would not do this.


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