Muddling Along

Well, we are muddling along as best we can.

Today Haakon’s blood tests came back negative and very normal so we don’t know what is causing the laminitis, which is my new worry now.  We discussed everything with the vet and have decided to wait a week and then do a different blood test that involves injections and fasting. I cannot believe that the deceptive “Fool’s Spring” that we have had recently has caused this horrible disease.

Haakon is more alert today and tried to play with his grooming brush, is neighing a bit (a horse that I can count on one hand how often I have ever heard him neigh in his entire life) and generally getting stroppy (read inpatient) for food.  He paws the floor and kicks the door when he sees me getting his bucket of food ready.

He has always been a rather aloof and non-huggy/nose-kissey chap who now has all the attention in the world.  Apparently we are similar.  However, I don’t see it.

Iacs was in for the afternoon’s Haakon-sitting session.

He was on fine scrounging form.

This is his Father Dougal McGuire face!  Now they are similar.

The other horses are not neglected.  At the moment they are looked after mostly by Flossie, Daisy and OH.  I could not do any of this without them.

Their continual generous support and help has been invaluable.

Onwards and upwards then.

4 thoughts on “Muddling Along

  1. Sam

    The family that muddles along is the family that sticks together. I do not see how you and Haakon are alike in attitude, nope, not at all. But Mr.Bimble – now that is a face to be seen and enjoyed.
    The Maine Coons are still purring for Haakon across the pond.

  2. Susan O'Neill

    I have a 34 year old Shetland that is prone to laminitis and found that having him on a probiotic has helped , he hasn’t had an episode for years now, maybe something to discuss with your vet. Sending hugs to Haakon having been through the worry with another horse with acute laminitis I feel your pain. xxxx

  3. diane in northern wis

    Blood tests come back normal? Such a mystery. I’m sure you will get to the bottom of it. What a wonderful, helpful, determined family you all are. I’m proud of you! Hang in there.


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