Berry Stud Stallions

I went to Scalloway this morning to help out a friend.


While I was there, I was given the opportunity to photograph some miniature Shetland pony stallions from the famous Berry Stud.


I helped move them into this new field that had lots of long grass for them.


At one stage, all you could see was the tips of their ear as they tried to bounce through it.


Being stallions (3 brothers and a new one), there was a huge amount of squealing and investigation too.


I managed to take some lovely photos and I hope you like them too.

BN2A8506 BN2A8548 BN2A8526 BN2A8524 BN2A8490 BN2A8486 BN2A8484 BN2A8437 BN2A8414 BN2A8388 BN2A8379

My socks, boots and jeans are now in front of the Rayburn getting dry but it was definitely worth it for these photos.



11 thoughts on “Berry Stud Stallions

  1. Deb Twomey

    Frances, what wonderful opportunities you have. I know that much of it is work….but for me..a glorious job. As a general rule…the “folks in the know”…you know who they are..tell us that our ponies should never graze in an unmown field. That the seeds and puffs are dangerous. Please tell me otherwise (in private if you need!)

  2. E.A.

    Lovely photos and lovely equids, but when I see a field like that, the first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s a heaven for ticks! How do you and the animals cope with those? (I don’t know if horses get borreliosis or tickborne encephalitis, but humans do… Are those not an issue in Shetland?)

  3. Susan

    I so love you posts, always cheer me up if I am feeling down,thank you for the marvellous pics, sure do appreciate them here in Australia


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