Hetja – Our Hero

And now poor Hetja (pronounced Hett-ya – Icelandic for hero) has come down with a hoof abscess too.  She is hopping lame and so has started the standing-in-hot-water and poultice method.


Hetja hates being indoors but this is now a necessity.  We were told not to put her in a stable when we first met her in Iceland.  Needs must, though, with an abscess and Hetja doesn’t fret if she has a friend with her.  Today it is Fákur’s turn.  They are both living together in a huge double stable so can walk about and Hetja won’t feel trapped or anxious.


Hetja has also been confirmed as pregnant, though it is anyone’s guess where she is keeping it.  That is not a pregnant looking belly by our Shetland pony standards – they are usually square by now.


Poor Hetja.  I hate it when anyone is not well.  Please do not think these hoof abscesses are due to total lack of care and mismanagement.  They are not.  Usually we have had a few hard frosts  and/or snow by now but it has been consistently too warm and all the bugs in the soil are affecting hooves.  We are not the only stud to have hoof abscesses occur out of nowhere.


Hetja is not shod at present so it is not a case for the barefoot or non-barefoot brigade.  We tend to shoe a horse according to its’ work requirements at the present time.


Anyway, as well as having Fákur for company, Hetja has the two hens from obviously from Abba  who are insiting on practising their old dance routine in case they have a comeback!

L1140452 L1140454

You can see Hetja is entranced – a true Abba fan then!  I never knew.


Oh well, it will keep her mind off her painful hoof.

5 thoughts on “Hetja – Our Hero

  1. Linda

    What a painful situation your “mucky” Winter has provided for the ponies! (and not for a minute…let me repeat that…not for a minute would I think it was due to any kind of neglect on your part!) I was actually thinking that other ponies around the island might be getting this too…Here’s hoping some warm, sunny weather makes its’ way to you soon!

  2. jan

    Frances No one would ever think that your horses are not cared for. You lavish love on them and it is plain for all to see. You have had such difficult conditions this winter to contend with. The hens look great and your photos are wonderful.

  3. Linda

    Photos today are exceptionally beautiful! I love the black and white with the light just the way you caught it….

  4. Sam

    Love the hen Abba pictures! I think your hard frost got stuck here in New England as we are 20 degrees below normal in temps with 4′ snow banks everywhere! Hoping there are no more hooves in need of buckets.


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