BeAnne and Waffle

Many years ago, I purchased on a whim an antique wicker basket saddle from Fleabay.  It was subsequently stored in a corner of the shed for ages.

BeAnne has sat in it a few times and today I discovered that her bottom was not as big as I thought and again she fitted a treat.

Waffle was volunteered as he is the kindest and least devious of The Minions.  He was interested in this new career development as BeAnne’s noble steed.


I started slowly, so Waffle could get used to the feeling of the basket saddle and saddle cloth on his back.  I will do the crupper up, or take it off, another day, if the basket saddle and BeAnne need it.


Her Maj, aka BeAnne, sat with all the aplomb of someone who regularly rides Shetland ponies in basket saddles!  To the manor born.  She is such a natural and Waffle is the perfect size.


So that is what I did today, this filthy rainy windy, as in gale force, day.

Dearest Waffle – I feel there is a career here.



13 thoughts on “BeAnne and Waffle

  1. Rebecca Final

    That is adorable, but I’m thinking that maybe BeAnne likes the fur to fur contact? She looks so content laying on the pony backs with her little head resting on them. For a trek, however, this could be just the ticket.

  2. Deb Twomey

    Any chance of finding another? So need one here. Also the side baskets that you have shown before? We are going on all kinds of adventures with our wee little trolls and I want them to feel useful. ALSO…..I have noticed that your halters have the buckle on the nose. Can you explain why? And doesn’t it cause rub sores, Frances?

    1. Frances Post author

      I can look for basket saddles. There are no wicker side baskets anywhere. I was thinking about getting some bicycle ones.

      Halter buckles on noses – halter is too big. I should adjust but he only wears it for 10 minutes so it is not going to rub. None of my horses/ponies wear halters apart from in the school.

  3. Feikje Breimer

    Hello, I am an editor of the dutch magazine De Shetlandpony. We would love to use the basket pictures in our magazine. Would you be ok with that? Then we would be happy to receive them in their original size .
    Kind regards. Feikje Breimer


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