Here We Go 2019

It was a dark and stormy night – no, it actually was.  We had fierce winds with massive short sharp rain showers, like someone throwing a bucket of water out of the sky.  This morning the wind was beginning to die down and I went out to feed the sheep while it briefly hailed.

Storm damage from last night was fairly small – one garden gate ripped off its hinges and a stable door had blown open so I reckon we got off relatively unscathed.

Even though we are past the longest night, good daylight is a rarity these days.  Having had a fit of cleaning the kitchen (New Year, new resolution), I drove over to check everyone at Leradale.

Yes, I brought vegetables.

You may possibly be able to tell.

The little ones were, of course, not moving much and it worries me that they just stay in one place despite having a massive field to live in.

So I loudly waved my bag of veg and they all followed me across the burn and towards the better grazing.

Waffle and Storm never left my side, or my pockets. Faithful followers.

Even Vitamin and Fivla appeared without me having to drag them over.

Having reached some nice pasture, the herd left me to my bracing New Year’s Day walk – New Year, another resolution.

I went onwards, turning back occasionally to check they were all still where I’d left them.

Having done the circuit, it was home to clean my tack – yup, another New Year’s resolution.

Today I am feeling very virtuous, positively saintly.

9 thoughts on “Here We Go 2019

  1. Celeste

    Gee, you’re going to complete all your resolutions on the first day! then you get to goof off the rest of the year. I’m a big fan of goofing off, or relaxing, or puttering or whatever you call it. Or just talking with one’s animal family, that is the best of all and never time wasted. Happy New Year to you! Hope it brings you all that warms your heart and then some.

  2. annie vanderven

    Happy New Year , wishing you a healthy and prosperous one.

    I see the weather treated you as kindly as it treated us here in Ct. with lashes of rain, but better than snow which we have had from time to time on this day.

  3. Terri

    You ARE saintly! And, oh, these photographs! After reading your post, I was inspired to take a walk in the sunshine (with OH and dog), and to do a few chores. Feeling virtuous over here too! Happy New Year!

  4. Sam

    Oh, you worked??? I spent the day watching 2016’s Great British Baking Show in CT.
    I wonder why the Minions refuse to leave that party of the field unless enticed with veggies to do so.

  5. Gunn Iren Kjøndal

    Happy New Year to you and your family ❤️ Love to read your blog and see the photos! – it’s so amazing!
    I will be visiting Shetland in April/May. Hope it will be an opportunity to visit you, Lambi and the rest of the “gang” then.
    All the best for the days to come
    Gunn Iren


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