Beach Walk, New Friends

It was a perfect morning so I took BeAnne for a walk on our local sandy beach with the sole purpose to be introduced to a lovely black Sprocker (springer x cocker spaniel) girl who belongs to a friend.

Of course the dogs totally ignored each other while us, the owners, walked up and down the lovely deserted Shetland beach having a good chat.

I like to try and encourage BeAnne to meet and make friends with new dogs.

The beach was lovely – cold, dark and in it’s winter mood.


We had the place to ourselves.  We didn’t see a soul which is always good – perhaps I am turning into BeAnne or she has turned into me.


All was going smoothly until it was time to go home.  I offered my friend and her dog a lift home so they got into my car and then I looked around for BeAnne.  She had vanished until I spotted a Sit-Down-Strike going on a few yards away.  I sighed and went to chivvy Her Maj into the car as she wasn’t going to budge.

We drove back to my friend’s house and was rewarded with a lovely cup of coffee.  BeAnne and her new friend quickly settled down together which was lovely to see.

The cat also introduced herself.  So it has been a day of new friends for Her Maj, which is good because I think, like me, she has become very insular in her old age.

7 thoughts on “Beach Walk, New Friends

  1. Mary C. McNamara

    What great pictures. I love the colored stones (shells maybe?) I need to come walk your beach and see the stones/shells (maybe collect a few) in person. ;_)
    The pic of the doggy prints and beach pebbles is wonderful. You are so talented and have a photographer’s eye. Loved the”gull gallery ” , they seem to approve of your wanderings too. Are they nesting already, or just hunkered into protected nests?
    Glad Ms. BeAnne made a new friend and that the soxy cat seems to approve too. Great cat with matching sox. Tuxedo cats are my favs. They are very intelligent; they will second that opinion.
    Stay safe and warm

  2. Mary C. McNamara

    Hubby just looked at the pics. He wants to know if the big stones are really blue or is that just the light. I say blue. Your geology must be really fascinating. He says we need to visit because he would like to make “cabs” of some of the stones. I can see customs now. What do you have in the bag sir? rocks… Sure… setp over her please…

  3. Linda Loba

    How peaceful to have the beach to yourselves…and as to being “insular” I say hooray for the introverts! We just need a bit more space than other people. 🙂


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