End of the Year

It’s been a tough 2018.  I will admit that.

We said goodbye to many beloved members of the family.  Too many.  It was awful.

Obviously Delia was on borrowed time and her demise was sad but inevitable.

But the loss of Wu and then, in the blink of an eye, Loki, was tragic and both deaths were very unexpected and shocking.

As a family, I think we all felt very robbed as suddenly a gaping hole in our family appeared.  We were not prepared.

We did our best, but failed dismally with Little Cattie, the calico cat that was given to us.  She took one look at our family and left.  So that was that.  For those that mightnot know, Little Cattie subsequently turned up again safe and well with her previous owner where she will now remain.

So Daisy and I went on the boat south and found, or were we found (?), by Monster who said we would do and made himself at home straight away.

He managed to settle in very quickly.

and has never looked back.

So, life goes on.

The animals we lost were loved and we did our best.  At the time, I always wondered if we could have done more, but in my heart I know we did all we could for them.  They were loved.

So here’s to 2019 and the future.  A huge thank you to everyone who reads my mumblings and for your wonderful support too.  It is hugely appreciated and I ❤️ you.

May your fridge door always be open and all the food fall out, as Monster would say.

An Addendum

Puzzah, I forgot Puzzah.  He was not with us for long but he was family in a sort of Mafia-esque way.

13 thoughts on “End of the Year

  1. Kerry

    Ah, what a wistful blog. It reminds me when we move how many little friends’ resting places we will leave behind us (fond memories of Silky, Bambi and Toffee)
    We hope to revisit your wonderful Family group when we come up to stay. We will also look forward to settling Dory in. It is not so much the creak of the fridge door that sets her off, but the whoosh of a curtain leading ultimately to her food store.
    May your fridge lights always shine brightly – all the best to you amd yours for 2019

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    What a beautifully worded blog Frances. So sorry for all your losses over the year. When we care so much for any animal, even younger ones, they so sadly can be snatched away in the blink of an eye and leave, as you say, a gaping hole. I dont know many people who dont question themselves at such times but I feel sure you would have done your absolute best for them.

    Cattie – who lives with her previous slave/human – looks so like our dear little Dusty who died before Christmas. A younger prettier and healthier version but facially a double!

  3. Linda Loba

    Seeing the results of Cattie and Monster, an animal knows when it’s where its’ supposed to be…

    And of course you did your best for everyone (and continue to do so). I always think of this saying “Do your best with good and loving intentions, then let it go…) It’s all any of us can do, right?

  4. Sam

    Here, here to the end of 2018. Thank you for sharing all your family (2 legged or 4) with us.
    We cried with you and sighed with delight at your photos of Shetland. You loved your animals deeply and they knew it. So glad Monster has graced your house with his being.

  5. Margaret Robinson

    That is a wonderful and loving tribute to all that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge (probably American terminology, but it works). You gave them all the best of places to live and I know that they love/loved you back (Little Cattie too, but in a different way).

    Monster may be the crowing achievement – he’s certainly his own man, but does have a certain attachment to the frig. All these animals gave you so much back in return and you are quite lucky to have known them (or know them). Not everyone has that chance and it seems like they all come to you because they know you’re there for them.

  6. Cathy

    I love that photo of Loki, and Puzzah was such a handsome boy. We love our animals unconditionally, with all their foibles, but it hurts all the more when they leave us.

    I hope 2019 will be a better year, send love to all at Thordale and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

  7. Terri

    It was a bittersweet year for Thordale, and I’m happy it is ending on a quiet note. Thank you for sharing real life at Thordale with us, not just the upside of beautiful skies and seascapes and adorable animals. May 2019 deliver no unwanted surprises, only more healthy Bebbies! Happy New Year to you all!

  8. Janet ainsworth

    Thanks Frances for sharing the highs and lows of life at Thordale..you’re always so generous with your thoughts and in a world that seems so insular and ‘sanitised’..you be helped to bring another colourful and diverse dimension into our lives..here’s to 2019..

  9. Linda K

    I can only echo everyone else’s sentiments. Thank you for sharing life at Thordale and I wish you happiness and peace in 2019.

  10. diane in northern wis

    Thank you for your year’s wrap up, Frances. It was good to see those old dear critter faces again. It’s so very hard to lose those we love. Thank you for taking on new faces too, Frances. I’m sure we will grow to love them a lot as the time goes by. I’m glad your calico kitty went back to her old home and will stay there. I am smitten with Mr. Monster I must admit…every pic you take of him, makes me smile very broadly! I think he’s lucky he found such a place as yours! Happy New Year to all of you at your house, and outside it!


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