Herding Cats

Winter arrived.  We have had a smattering of snow but, by golly, it is nippy and then it is gales and snow then gales and snow for the next few days.


I have stables now for everyone but, as it wasn’t windy yet and I am a huge believer in fresh air (as well as sleep) as a cure for all ills, I threw everyone outside while I mucked out.


The Icelandic horses had spent their first night in their new shed.  It is 48 square yards big with rubber matting on the floor.  Lots of space for everyone.  Getting Haakon off the wet mud will help his hoof to heal better.


So this morning, I evicted the Icelandics into their field.

Then it was the turn of Bjørn’s foals, my refugees.  I had not intended to let them out during their stay here but it was calm.  I stupidly thought they would follow me and my bucket over to a field.  Did they heck?  No, they instantly scattered and after 10 minutes of unsuccessfully trying, I gave up.

It was like herding cats so I decided to approach the matter another way and went to fetch Waffle.  They flocked to him immediately and I led him into their new field.  Of course they all followed and I shut the gate and took Waffle back to his friends.

BN2A4671 BN2A4676 BN2A4679 BN2A4683  BN2A4687 BN2A4691 BN2A4694 BN2A4699 BN2A4704 BN2A4707

They are very sweet, though and tonight they followed me like the good children they are.

3 thoughts on “Herding Cats

  1. Linda

    I think the refugees just need to get to know you, Frances.
    And the pony portraits are just beautiful. Just look how dignified photo #4 looks! (but you know better, don’t you?)

  2. Terri

    Beautiful photos — I just want to jump through my computer and hug these little refugees and tickle their tummies!! (good boy, Waffle, for helping your Mum) Nice shed, btw.


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