We appear to have some refugees in the indoor school.

This year’s foals from Bergli Stud are not enjoying the unceasingly crap winter weather and it is getting to them.

Apparently they were not looking or using the shelter provided, just standing there becoming colder, wetter and more miserable.

So they have come to Thordale for a holiday in the shed.

BN2A4618 BN2A4619

They are lovely and look like baby reindeer…..


….who are very keen on food.


I expect you can guess what I am going to be doing a great deal of, apart from pooper-scooping?  Yup, hugging if they are huggable.  At the moment, they are just finding their feet but I think a small introduction to carrots may let me into their hearts.

BN2A4627  BN2A4635

It is strange meeting other folk’s “bebbies”.  They are brought up very differently to mine and I realise The Minions seem almost hand-reared by comparison because that is what circumstances dictated at the time.  Even little Tiddlypom is one of The Minions now.  Although they are tight little group, they rely and trust me about everything.  I am very much their Mum and if I say it is alright, then it is alright.  The filming proved that.  They just got on with it because I was there and told them this was normal.


Anyway, I shall take some time to get to know them and I hope they enjoy their holiday with me.


BeAnne kept a good distance.  She knows what little foalios are capable of.


6 thoughts on “Refugees

  1. Sam

    So instead of the 12 days of Christmas, you have the 12 Days Of Minions!
    Can we have a 2nd Advent with these 12???

    How is Wussums and Jack?

  2. Linda

    They are all so adorable, and I’m right with you on the hugs!
    (and BeAnn is one smart dog, I’m thinking – I wouldn’t care for the 12-1 odds either, if I was her)


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