Reindeer or Shetland Ponies?

I couldn’t resist.  I mean they are so cute, delicious and de-loverly and they need me to hug them and kiss their noseys.

…. and they could be baby reindeer.  I am just not sure.


Anywho, I have spent some lovely hours with my new lodgers and they are huge characters.  I now know not tofeed them apples cut up small because they have no idea what they are and will eat around every piece.

So, having tried to obviously poison them with my apple-bribe, I needed instant forgiveness and brought out The Minions’ toy box.

I had noticed that they had a penchant for buckets anyway so I think, therefore, QED, they could be Shetland ponies after all.

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And they did like the “toys”.


They also “liked” BeAnne, who is putting up with a great deal of investigation. She has started to tell them to mind their manners now.


There is also one that tries to stuff as much hay in while the others are playing.


Ooof – they are unbelievably cute.

What do you reckon?  Baby reindeer or Shetland ponies?


4 thoughts on “Reindeer or Shetland Ponies?

  1. Karen

    Well a pair of rubber gloves as antlers…hmmm and they could be baby reindeer. Whatever…they are super cute and I am very jealous.

  2. Leona

    Dancer is my baby from last year, she has greyed so quickly I am still half guessing it is her! But the white marking agrees with me lol!


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