Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.  I hope you have a wonderful day with your friends and family and I am thankful that you are my friends and care about all of us at Thordale.

Here is Mr Twizzler, my “pet” turkey listening to the classical music on the radio.  He was a dude and used to follow me everywhere around the croft like a recalcitrant Dalek.

Notice how he “sings” along in key to the music but stops when the presenter or adverts talk. 

A dear boy. Much missed.  He was a good turkey.

This morning, I spent my day cleaning the house and I mean clean.  A wax-on, wax-off type of clean as we have visitors for the next few days.

(I hope they notice, just sayin’!)

And then in the afternoon, I pottered off to Turriefield leaving Daisy to walk the dogs and feed Albie.


I enjoy my work. It is voluntary and one of the highlights of my week.


I am she-who-weighs-and-bags.  I like to be accurate (800g is what I was aiming for).  I have a list with instructions.


I started with carrots


And then moved onto “tatties”.


We all work very hard and stay until the work is done.


I strongly believe that, even if you are a volunteer, it is a “three line whip” situation (ie, you turn up no matter what) and you give your time for as long as it is needed.  If  I say I will do something, I do it.  I never think I won’t turn up.  Folk are relying on me and to be honest, I love doing it, though I have a yearning to turn over the bags like they do in old-fashioned greengrocers!

l1250252  l1250259

I take pleasure in choosing the croft-grown vegetables and making sure the weights are correct – it is my obsession.


So, happy Thanksgiving everyone xx

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends

  1. Carol E

    Thank you for your kind wishes for us colonials. Here in the Bay Area we are having lovely bright days with night-time showers to wash away the smog. Great hiking weather, to counteract all the eating.

    Your turkey video is amazing! We have flocks of wild turkeys around here that look just like Mr. Twizzler, but we are careful to stay clear of them: they are regarded as mean and dangerous, and big enough to do damage. Of course they know they are not pets and could be hunted; we live on a suburban street at the very edge of a more rural area so we are sometimes surprised at what wanders through.

    Best wishes for a lovely time with your visitors!

  2. Terri

    Thank you, Frances! Those veggies look so fresh and delicious! (pretty much everything we’re eating today) Wonderful volunteer work that you do. I volunteer to cook for 200 to 400+ homeless and low-income people every Wednesday. I look forward to it, and to the camaraderie amongst the group. (Sadly, the numbers don’t go down.) I’m very impressed by Mr. Twizzler — but watching him “sing” made me feel guilty about “Tom” (turkey) who is roasting in the oven right now. And what a beauty Mr. Twizzler was!

  3. May

    Thanks, Frances!
    It’s good to take a day with family and friends, reflect on what we are grateful for, and eat a great meal (with pie, beautiful pie).

    We had to stop for a flock of wild turkeys in the road on the way home the other day. I’d swear they were laughing and gobbling, ” not me, buddy!”

    I wish you and your family all the best.


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