A Riding Day

At 09:00 sharp we all congregate for the morning chores.  The sun is coming up and being winter, it is always beautiful to watch.  I stop for a moment every sunny morning and feel lucky I live in Shetland.


Today Wu was about looking very disapproving.  He suffers from bitchy-resting-face most of the time but it is very unusual to see him out and about with us.  Usually by this time in the morning, he is asleep on someone’s bed.  But no, today, here he was with us looking cross.


After the feeds (Velia’s turmeric bomb and Albie’s brekkie), we found the little-bigger boys by the house.


They are a sweet comedy duo and carrots were obviously dished out because of this.


Tomorrow is less nice, weather-wise, so Daisy and I took the riding horses out.

First up were Klængur and Taktur.  Klængur belongs to my other daughter, Flossie, so I just ride him to keep him fit and to remind him of his manners.  He had a bit of an abberation this summer but is much nicer now.

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Darling Taktur is having a good winter in his field across the hill.  He lives with Kappi and they are very settled there.


On the next ride, we took Haakon and Kappi.


Kappi is Daisy’s 2nd horse – her competition horse.


Haakon and Kappi are not the best of friends.  They like each other more than when they don’t live together.


So, they were pleased to see each other again.


Haakon sneaked in a cheeky nibble just to remind Kappi that he is still the boss!


A lovely riding day.

8 thoughts on “A Riding Day

  1. Wendy from NY

    Bitchy-resting-face indeed! LOL! I had to look up Foula Island, pretty interesting! How does that sound when you say it? Foo-la? Fowl-a? Guess I need to look that up now!

  2. Linda K

    Thanks for the lovely photos. Haakon has a gorgeous mane. It looks as if he’s paid a fortune at the hairdressers for that look! I hope Wu perks up soon.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    I’d wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, but that’s pretty much a US holiday!

    Had no idea that some of the horses were as big as they appear and ridable by an adult. That’s marvelous and probably makes them happy too!


  4. Terri

    That first photo looks like the entrance to Heaven! (I can almost hear the angels singing….)
    Wu cracks me up — such a funny fellow. And your horses and ponies are, as always, gorgeous, well-loved creatures. Happy Thanksgiving to you tomorrow, even if you don’t celebrate it officially. I am thankful for your blog, among other things!

  5. Colleen McNamara

    We have 4 “Wu” cats. Two are rescues. I have this passion for tuxedo cats. They are very smart. Sometimes too much for their own good. Also sometimes they have what I call “cattitude”. When folks come to visit they sometimes think they are seeing double or triple etc. That is the way to get them to let up on the schnapps and to go home 😉


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