Happy Birthday, My Darling Daisy

Today is Daisy’s 20th birthday.  Wow!  Presents and Flossie made her a cake.  I helped decorate it and yes, that is our Christmas snowman but I like to think he goes with any occasion!


Poor Daisy had to suffer all day with me saying things like “20, golly, you’re not a teenager anymore”.  Flossie was very helpful and caught our horses for us that were miles away.  She even did some grooming or “ineffectual brushing” as it is known.


So off we toddled on our horses trying to be sedate on this lovely afternoon and not gallop off leaving the other one trailing.  We raced a few times because some 20 year olds still do not have any control over their ravaging beast and should know better.

IMG_0110 IMG_0116

Next on “this is your day, we can do anything” Day, Daisy said she wanted to see Lyra and say goodbye to her as she is off on the boat tomorrow back to university.  Lyra immediately spotted Daisy and came up….



Then another arrived….

BN2A9713 BN2A9720

And another….

BN2A9721 BN2A9724

Lots of hugging, kissing and scratching while I took photos.

BN2A9771  BN2A9766

And so Daisy kissed her Lyra goodbye and we tried to leave.


Daisy was followed and Zoot was very determined that she should never go.


So Happy Birthday, my darling Daisy.  I hope you had a good one.  I am very proud of you, always.
All my love
Mum xx

PS and a huge thank you for all your help this summer holidays.  Without you, we wouldn’t have had so much fun.

20 years old, who would’ve thought it?  This time 20 years ago……

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