BeAnne is in the Dog House

I am not talking to BeAnne Duvet Soufflé Princess Chantelle Shaznay.  She was caught doing a Terrible Thing last night.  We were just talking to the horses outside the front door, giving them the last of the carrots, when Daisy said “I think BeAnne has a chicken”.

And she had.  She had cornered it in OH’s shed and was bouncing about trying to get it out.  We rescued the poor chuck and BeAnne vanished back into the house knowing full well her crime and also sorry she was caught.

OH managed to find the chicken who was hiding behind some boxes in shock. That poor chicken had nearly been fully plucked by Madame.  As there were no open wounds, I gave her a slug of Rescue Remedy and OH took her back to the hen house.  Apparently she scuttled off none the worse for her plucking.

But that is not the point.  We do not eat the croft chickens in this house.  Every dog knows that (even Loki has learned).

BeAnne knew she had made a big mistake.  She dithered about and I made her sit in her bed for the evening, which she hates as her official place is on the sofa.

And then she sulked……… and boy can she sulk.  If there was an Olympic team for sulking, BeAnne would be the captain.

This morning, BeAnne was reticent and quiet.  She knew what she did and she waited for me to apologise for her bad behaviour.


Loki remained oblivious to this contratent, even though he still has certain cat issues that need working on.


Hopefully the chicken that BeAnne was chewing on is over the worst, though I would be surprised if she ever laid another egg again.


(this is not her, btw, just some of my girls this morning in the sun).


While BeAnne sulked, Daisy had a superb lesson with Bjørn. She rode Klængur.  Daisy is back off to university on Friday evening’s boat.  I don’t know what I am going to do without her and I don’t know who is going to ride my horses for me.

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Meanwhile, Her Maj is still sulking….


Nobody loves me, everybody hates me
Think I’ll go and eat worms….. (and not chickens!)

2 thoughts on “BeAnne is in the Dog House

  1. Sam

    Yep, that is some World Class Sulking going on there! But chickens are not toys! You seem to be having quiet a year of ups and downs. And now Daisy off to university!


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