Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Yesterday, this was Lambie, BeAnne and Loki on their daily dog walk.

L1210700 L1210704

And this is today!

Can you spot the difference?


The boys were sheared.  It had to happen and today was the day.  They are both suffering in the hot (for us) weather and spend most of the day living in the shade feeling utterly lethargic.


First up was Lambie.

Chris is a professional sheep-shearer and he was wonderful.  I explained Lambie’s general outlook on life (ie, he is very speshul), Chris did the best job and Lambie didn’t struggle or mind at all (after all my worrying too).


Lambie’s fleece was huge and very thick.  I think he is secretly a dalmatian.


Next up was ‘Ster.  He was unhelpful to catch, but settled down quickly.


I like the fact that no one was tied up, struggling or panicking.  I was proud of my sheepie-boys.  They were well behaved…..


…. and just put up with a necessary chore.

L1210731 L1210735

Afterwards, we watched Lambie and ‘Ster get their heads around having no wool.


They seemed more active and happy in themselves – as if a big load had been lifted.


‘Ster then ran off into the hill (hopefully, he will come home) to fight Bert but Lambie stayed with me.


I must admit that Lambie’s new appearance is very drastic and rather shocking to me but I am getting my head around it.  He has still got the same sweet smile and character.


So, today is a whole new day for us all.  On a plus side, it is lovely to see Lambie au naturel, ie his actual shape. I can see that he is “well covered” and much happier.


At least Lambie’s sisters love him, even if ‘Ster has gone, for the time being.


So, who wants their fleeces?

11 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

  1. Teresa

    I’d take the fleece! Might be a bit far to ship it to California but I have combs and a spinning wheel and I could knit you hats and mitts and all kinds of warm things with their fleecies. 🙂

  2. Linda

    What a RELIEF that must be for them to get those heavy fleeces off! (And yes, Lambie looks like he’s got some Dalmatian there – maybe it’s a speshul breed of sheep?) Lambie shorn reminds me so much of him as a lamb…

  3. Carol Espinosa

    Me me me me too!!

    Maybe Teresa and I can share as we’re both in CA? (I also have all the gear for processing to yarn, embarrassing amounts of it…)

    Did Lambie and ‘Ster have differently textured fleeces?

    Lovely to see them in the buff. They have such interesting coloring. I still think of Lambie as having the Pueblo Indian “troublemaker” outfit on, with striped legs and spotty body.


  4. Nancy

    Oh! Just when I was thinking about Lambie and his fleece! hee hee!
    I hope the boys are feeling better now that their loads are lighter! =)

  5. Rebeccca A Final

    I think they both look stunning. I was worried about them packing around all that wool. They are in great shape and look much happier to me.

  6. Terri

    I knew this day would come! How cute they look! (more like lambs than sheep) In the last photo, Lambie looks as tall as the ponies, could that be? (or is it just from the perspective of the computer screen?)
    To whomever gets the fleece: please send photos to Frances of the final product(s) after spinning and weaving/knitting/or crocheting, so she can post them. ;))

  7. Carina

    I love the fact that you felt the need to explain about Lambie =D I do the same thing with everyone who meets my animals because, of course, they are very special too. The boys look gorgeous and so grown up. Good decision!

  8. Sam

    Would love a tiny bit of both fleeces to needle felt into a mini version of both boys. I forgot what Lambie’s spots really looked like. Was there much gambowling by the boys? I think you may need to divide up the fleeces because you and the Bozenberries have many fans!

  9. Freyalyn

    I did wonder a while ago what was going to happen to Lambie’s fleece (if you didn’t have a specific home for it in mind), as it looks rather nice and there is a nice amount of both colours in there. It would spin up and make a lovely bit of black and white colourwork. Ster’s is a nice grey too.


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