Calling the Rain Gods

Now I know I spent most, if not all, of winter complaining bitterly about the rain and just how wet and muddy everything was and how fed up we were of walking through knee-deep gutter (Shetland dialect for mud), etc…..

Well, it hasn’t rained since the night Efstur was born on 21st May – so that would be ten days ago.

Since then the sun has not stopped shining which, on one hand, is lovely and everything is drying up but, on the other hand, the ground has dried up and the water springs/hill streams have dried up too.


I like all my animals to have an unlimited supply to water.  Apart from gin, water is my preferred drink.


These boys are living at Clothie – my separate 5 acre croft.  It has its own water supply – a little well that is situate behind the derelict house.


There is a trench dug through the croft too letting the well run all the way through the field joining a bigger stream further along in the hill.


Sadly, it is not the best well (a high iron content) and the horses tolerate it when there is lots of water passing through but as it dries up, the iron becomes more concentrated and the horses don’t drink much.


I have started to take two buckets of water over with me, when I take Taktur his Handsome Prince food,


The buckets are empty the next morning.  This may because they were drunk or because Taktur likes wearing them on his head!  My jury is out.


So today, I lugged 6 half 25 litre containers of water over to fill the trough.


It is back breaking but essential.


Until it rains, I will continue to do this. My mouth goes dry at the thought of anyone being thirsty until I have sorted it out.


4 thoughts on “Calling the Rain Gods

  1. Beverly

    I just found your blog through the Dancing Donkey… your little one!!! I read back through a bunch of your posts…I love visiting places that are so very different from my own. Our kids were in Iceland last summer for their honeymoon….maybe next year we will get there. It’s on our list!! Have a great day!!

  2. Beverly

    Oh my goodness….you are in England….silly me. I thought I read Iceland. I have visited Scotland, but not England. So sorry for the blunder!! Have a great day….love your ponies…I have two of my own….along with two miniature horses and two miniature donkeys…. and one Haflinger who is twice the size of everyone. They all love to boss him around!

  3. Sam

    Takur always looks darling in his hats, what ever they may be made of. Sorry to hear you are lugging water – watch that tender back of yours! If I could, I’d send the rain in Texas to you. Goodness knows they don’t need any more.


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