‘Ster comes home

This morning, I fed a solitary Lambie his solitary breakfast and I felt very sorry for him.

At the end of my gate, the hill sheep were passing by, but I couldn’t see any sign of ‘Ster who, I thought, had joined them.  I shouted for him,

No reply and the sheep started to move off.

Ten minutes later, I shouted again – this time I had a reply and sighted a small, recently sheared, grey sheep running towards me.


The breakfast allowance was quickly doubled.


Afterwards, I went indoors and made myself a coffee-to-go, grabbed my ipad and sat in the sheep shed, which is full of new straw/hay and out of the wind.


Sitting on the floor, I waited. ClassicFM was playing on the ipad – surprisingly, the sheep shed has good wifi.


It didn’t take long before Lambie came to talk to me.  ‘Ster quickly followed and we spent a good hour chatting while I massaged him (yes, I massage my sheep, so shoot me!)


After a while, the Boysenberries both lay down to relax and chew their cud from breakfast.


Looking at ‘Ster, I could see he was cold.


So, I covered him up with straw and ‘Ster went to sleep, listening to the classical music.


Lambie was fine and it didn’t take long before ‘Ster was fine too.


A straw duvet is very effective.


Sitting all morning with my boys, listening to the lovely music, was a very bonding experience for us all.


We had a few visitors and, of course, BeAnne never left my side.


I want ‘Ster to realise that home means warmth, friends and food.  The hill is just a place where the Wild Things Are and he is not part of that.

5 thoughts on “‘Ster comes home

  1. Sam

    Seems the boy just needs reminding that home is where Mum is and love is. Wild Things just gnash their terrible teeth!

  2. Linda

    I would think your example of the comforts of home for Ster was received loud and clear (not that I know much about sheep thinking), but heck, what animal doesn’t understand warmth, friends, and food!
    Well done… 🙂

    (But you know he’s going to hang out with his gangsta friends every once in awhile…)


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