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Food is still an issue for Pepper. She says she’s hungry, you give her food and she just sits down and looks at it, getting thinner as I watch.

So these past few days, I have given up on prepared dog food and cooked up rice, carrot, chicken with a poached egg.  This she loves mostly because Monster loves it too!

They eat together and happily swap bowls.  You have no idea the sigh of relief I breathed when I saw this is obviously the way forward.  After 15 months of BeAnne saying no to everything, I know all the tricks of this particular trade.  Monster is a very useful as well.  He has taken on his supervisory role in exchange for freshly prepared home-cooked food.

So to town I went with a long shopping list.

It was a grey and windy morning.  No one was around so I pottered about.

I dropped in on my little Lerwick “field” which was looking a bit sparse.

So I gave the Sheeple some more friends and will keep on making them as they seem to be selling well.


I went to my Bank and was greeted by a lovely daffodil!

Possibly not what I was expecting but I had to buy nearly all of the chocolate gooey treats for those left at home.  Pepper-sitting, after all, is exhausting.

On to the Bookshop and there were the girls!

So a pleasant morning away spent buying all the food Monster and Pepper would like.   Whatever it takes is my motto.  I hate it when my animals say no, thank you to food. It makes me worry, especially a growing little puppy.

12 thoughts on “Food Shop

  1. Sam

    Have you talked to Pepper’s breeder to see what she had been fed? Not that she should turn her nose up at home cooked meals, mind you. Good thing Monster is at hand to help entice her to munch away.

  2. Carol

    Pepper might have food allergies. She’s hungry, but the food is causing her stomach to hurt.
    Chicken is the worst culprit. Believe it or not, I’ve had to put my little dog on a Veterinarian prescription Vegetarian diet. Now she eats with gusto.

    Hope your little pup doesn’t have the same problem.

  3. M in NC

    Maybe the poached egg is the deal? Have you put one on her puppy food?
    Is it a hard kibble or soft puppy food? Chicken & Rice was my go to meal today with green beans.
    Had eggs on toast last night. Sounds like I’m on the puppy diet 🙂

    M in NC

  4. amy

    Whole food, real food, is so much better for dogs and cats than kibble or canned food. There is no oversight of what goes into pet food. Who would want to eat that disgusting kibble? Feed the dog home cooked, real food, and do not feel guilty or that you are doing something ‘wrong’. In the long run your dog’s health will be much improved eating healthy, unadulterated food.

  5. diane in northern wis

    You keep a good eye on Pepper and on all your critters. I know you will find the right diet that she will eat and hopefully without you having to spend a lot of time preparing foods. Glad your little sheep are selling so well. They sure are cute and made beautifully with love, I know.

  6. Jayne

    I am seeing more and more dogs hating hard kibble. It’s not what Nature designed them to live on and full of cereal and goodness knows what else. The only reason it has become popular is because it’s convenient for owners who know no better and is heavily marketed.

    You have so much experience with different feeding requirements: if she is thriving on a home cooked diet then good for you, and good luck, x

  7. Cathy

    Sounds like the training is progressing well. ….. she’s already got you preparing the canine equivalent of Michelin star food ! I wonder what other delicacies she has in mind !


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