Gremlin in her little rock lair

This is Daisy’s last week at home before she goes south again for her last year at St Snotters.

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I think there are three little fur Minions who are going to miss her desperately.  I have been given my instructions to do extra hugging (always happy to oblige) during her absence.


This summer, I noticed that the one who came out of his shell most was Silver.  He is so tame now and adores Daisy.  Always first up for hugging and has forgotten about being silly.  I think this is all Daisy’s doing.  She has spent many hours with him and they are good friends.

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Of course there is always BeAnne who Daisy described today as ” a Gremlin in her little rock lair”.  I am trying hard not to take offence on BeAnne’s behalf.


While Storm loves his canine gremlin more than anything, and searches her out, BeAnne is perhaps not so keen on this close relationship.


She gets quite narky with him when he wuffles her fur with his nose.  He doesn’t care at all and continues to annoy her and so BeAnne has given up exploding as she knows it does not any good – he doesn’t take no for an answer.


So that is us until Christmas.  All my fledgelings flown the nest.


It has been a very good summer for us all.


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