Girls in the Hill

The girls are all back together in the hill now.  Mothers and daughters.


I love traipsing up there with my camera.  It is such a natural place, if you know what I mean.  This is where Shetland ponies should live and thrive very successfully.


They just seem to fit into this landscape perfectly.


The herd hierarchy is still very important.  The older ladies look after the teenagers and teach them their manners.  Vitamin has taken over since Velveretta’s tragic death.  She guards and watches over everyone making sure they are a credit to her and their mothers.  Any rudeness, and she would immediately go wading in to sort it out.  She is a tough old bird and law and order is kept with minimum discussion.  Everyone knows it is better not to argue their case with Vitamin.

(I am probably anthropomorphising hugely but that is how it seems to me)


Politics, socialising and conversation are continuous.  No one is not just standing there eating ignoring the each other.  You only have to watch their ears twitch to see that they know exactly what is going on around them.

BN2A4788BN2A4774  BN2A4800

Daisy is off south at the end of the week (all my birds flown south again) so it was nice for her to see Lyra again.


Everyone was very happy to talk – there is a person in there, honest.

BN2A4813 BN2A4814 BN2A4820 BN2A4823

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