We are worried about Raw Deal.  She is an old lady now, who was, in her prime, a fantastic  looking Shetland pony.  She won the Royal Highland Show in 1996 – Overall Champion.  Her foals are divine but….. she is losing weight and her coat is dull.

So Jo and I drove up to see everyone in the hill field and to specially look at Raw Deal (or Delia, as we call her).


I took photos of the others while I was there.

BN2A4917 BN2A4920  BN2A4937 BN2A4956

This is Delia becoming increasingly greyer.  The photos don’t show that she is losing weight but she is thinner than the others.  We are beginning to suck our teeth.


We brought with us the bucket of teeth rasps and tongue wedge and have a special small sized Shetland pony tooth rasp for just this job.  Jo knows what she is doing – she receives continuous instruction and advice from our qualified equine dentist.


Obviously the girls wanted to help.

BN2A4968   BN2A4987 BN2A4989

Wormer was given afterwards and we shall continue to monitor Delia.   If she looks like she is still losing weight, we will get her over to Jo’s where she can have hard feed during the autumn and see how she fairs then.  She is old and we won’t prolong her life for the sake of it.  Winter is hard here and we would hate her to suffer.

BN2A4991 BN2A4935

So, see what like in the next few weeks.  It is warm and there is a lot of grass in their hill field at the moment.  If she maintains her weight then fine.  If not, then we will get her home.

3 thoughts on “Worried

  1. Deb Twomey

    Her eyes, what you can see behind the forelock, look caring and bright. We will pray for the right answer. I am so confused, though. Are ALL the Shetlands yours? Or are you and Jo a partnership? Wonderful how the two of you go to and fro

    1. Frances Post author

      The majority of the Shetland ponies and Icelandic horses belong to both Jo and me. We have a business partnership that is Thordale Stud.


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