Gone for a Walk

My back has “gone”.  I am not sure where but it is not a happy spine, all twingeing and owie. It’s all my own fault and I must admit that am struggling as I can’t take painkillers (they do awful things to me) so I went for a nice walk hoping it will help.


Hopefully I will feel better soon.  The volume on my Painpod is up so high so it will hurt more than my back.  This seems to be helping and the walk did me good.

7 thoughts on “Gone for a Walk

  1. Margaret Robinson

    The walk through the woods is spendiforus, your back is not so much. Take care – you come first as nothing else can get done anywhere without you’re being at the helm!

    Today is “big” tree trimming day. About 4 men, plus the head man/owner of company is here working diligently. Though we’ve been fortunate here in Pebble Beach, CA we are not unlike the forested areas that are so gravely hit by the fires up and down are beautiful state. Prevention is the key and we all do as much as possible, but it happen anywhere.


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