An English Autumn Garden

Mum’s beautiful garden is slowly being “put to bed” for the winter. It is work-in-progress.

The Catalpa tree has almost lost its leaves and is now left with just the lonely swinging beans pods.

The enormous leaves will all be swept up once the last leaf has fallen.

Obviously, little Teddy followed me around while I took my photos.  He loves the leaves and runs up and down the garden to shout at potential invaders.

And here is the potential invader – aka, Mr Foxy.  I left the top of an eggbox-ful of leftover food beyond the garden gate.  The food is not suitable for man nor dog and Mr F iss the end of this house’s food chain as Mum can’t have a compost heap because of rats.  We think it is a young male fox who is looking very good.  I have a secret hankering to tame him down in the next few days and bring him home to Shetland, which obviously I won’t, can’t and would never do but I do ❤️ foxes.

Anywho, here are some photos of the rest of Mum’s beautiful garden.

It may be Autumn and everything may be dying back, but there is so much beauty and colour around.


And here’s Teddy.  Enchantment by any other name.

7 thoughts on “An English Autumn Garden

  1. Shelley Crowley

    Your mother’s garden is beautiful, Frances. The lion! And Brother Fox! I love foxes, and here at Gosling Park they appear in winter, and dance in the moonlit snow. I hope that you are resting a wee bit, too, with frequent tea breaks…

  2. Cathy

    Lovely photos as always. You have a real gift for spotting the perfect shot and capturing the atmosphere.
    Is that the same fox that you were feeding on your last visit? He seems to know where to find his dinner table.

    Oh, and please keep up the blog. I visit every day to catch up with all your news, and even find myself worrying if you are a bit late posting!

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Teddy has such a lovely face!! The fox looks very healthy – I liked the way he kept coming back to check in case he might have missed a mouthful!

  4. Sam

    What a lovely garden! Mr. Foxy is also dreamy, I see why you might be tempted to take him home. Nice to see Sweet Teddy’s face again.

  5. Linda Kirk

    Lovely pictures. I love the statues. That fox looks in much better shape than the ones in my garden and as much as I love seeing them, I wish they were elsewhere, in a safer environment.

    Teddy looks an absolute darling.

  6. Margaret Robinson

    This garden is lovey, no matter what time of year apparently. Though lots of work and glad you’re there to help a bit.
    Can’t decide who’s cuter – Teddy or the fox.
    It must be kismet that My Shetland was here when I got home. I’d fixed a Scone and some Clotted cream to have as snack. Timing is everything!


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