Mr Foxy Hates Tomatoes

Yesterday, Mr Foxy had two lovely rainbow trout skeletons plus the fish heads.  He was a very happy chappie.

Today, poor lad, he had two rotten tomatoes, a peeled over-ripe banana, a breadcrust (brown, of course, to keep Vulpes vulpes healthy) and two lamb chop bones with no meat left.

An interesting fact, foxes are not impressed with tomatoes – see how he throws it away but keeps going back hoping it is not as bad as he originally thought.

A robin was very happy with the fruit.

Another interesting fact is that both these films were taken is broad daylight and Mr Fox arrives in under a minute.  He knows. He is watching.  He is always there.  Just in the background but there.  I am very tempted to put out food, sit down and see what happens (though I won’t of course).



3 thoughts on “Mr Foxy Hates Tomatoes

  1. Margaret Robinson

    As I said previously, never having seen foxes, I’m so impressed by this one. He’s beautiful and you seem to capture him at just the right moments in time. Well done, both of you!

  2. Cathy

    He’s a very dainty eater, and politely waited for the robin to finish his tomato snack. He’s also confident enough to stay and eat some of his supper out in the open.

    Our dogs never really got the hang of tomatoes. I had to burst the skin before they realised they were food. One of them played with a cherry tomato for about 20 minutes, patting it with her paws and pushing it around with her nose.

    I hope you will find a more acceptable menu for him tomorrow!

    How is your back today? Was your nice relaxing walk helpful?

  3. darby callahan

    I always love it when I see the fox at my barn. he or she is quite bold, comes within feet of me while I am eating my lunch in broad daylight. I think they are such beautiful animals. I was happy to see that the little Robin appreciated the handout.


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