A Worrying Day of Waiting

Well, it has been a worrying day of waiting.  We dropped off BeAnne at 08.30 at a different branch of our usual vet’s (Scalloway) as they had the scanning machine plus the specialist vet there.

Afterwards, we drove over to Houlls Horses and Hounds to leave the animal transport container that the Muscovy ducks had travelled to us in.

We spent a lovely morning there being thoroughly distracted, which is exactly what we needed.

This is Esja’s home! It was good to see her.

Lunch and a few messages in town and we drove back to collect Her Maj and talk to the vet.  We were told that they had found an unidentifiable mass in her liver which they were not sure about because it was an area hard to see. It didn’t look the rupturing type (think Loki and Wu) and could well be benign or nothing but her liver enzymes remain high and her teeth are revolting.  The plan is she starts antibiotics and a specialist hepatic diet plus I have ordered Protexin Danamarin tablets (contains “natural ingredients which protect and repair liver tissues from the effects of toxins or drugs and so improve liver function”) – as recommended by the vet with a view to taking blood again in two weeks and reviewing whether her liver enzymes have lowered and she can have a dental.

As I type, BeAnne is utterly miserable, refusing anything and can’t get comfortable but she had a mild sedative and had been singing all day with her neighbour so I think she is exhausted and feeling a bit sore from the scan – the vet said she had to prod.

We will go day by day now and play the wait-and-see game. It’s all we can do. x

16 thoughts on “A Worrying Day of Waiting

  1. Celeste

    I’m very glad you have good care for her. This is such a worrying time for you! My thoughts and prayers are with both of you as you go through this hard time and hoping she heals up well.

  2. Linda Loba

    I know you’ll keep us posted about BeAnn; know that it will be a day-by-day concern for some of us too.

    Hope springs eternal, especially now for BeAnn…

  3. Sam

    Oh BeAnne – Mum did not want to take you to the vet but you turned off your Universal Translator before you could tell her you felt unwell. Please nibble a little for her? Little Miss Maine Coon sends you and Monster with the Flu warm purrs and her humans send love across the sea.

  4. Cathy

    Poor BeAnne. She does look a wee bit tired, but it’s a lovely photo of her. Waiting is so hard when you have a sick animal, especially when it is your little shadow who follows you everywhere. Just hoping you can get her comfortable and she responds to the drugs and TLC. xxx

  5. Margaret Robinson

    Sigh……….nothing is ever easy. We’re thinking of you all (though at only 5:00 p.m. – our time, Chandler is sacked out against my leg as I write.

  6. diane in northern wis

    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. So sorry to hear the news from the vet. Maybe she will be doing better by the next time you have to take her in. I’m hoping and praying for that. Poor sweetie. Poor all of you too. We pour so much love into our critters. May things be better soon.

  7. Louise Stopford

    I am keeping everything crossed for BeAnne’s recovery. It is such a great worry when one of your animals is not well. It is all you can think about and worry about. She is in the best of hands with you and your family and your vet sounds very good and thorough. Get well soon sweet little dog.


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